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If you're like most healthcare clinic owners, the last thing you want to do is spend time 'promoting' your clinic. It's just not natural, I get it. I've been there.

Most clinic owners I speak to don't need more patients, so what's the point in running ads, right?

Well, here's a little secret - what if I could take the load from your marketing 'to-do' list and run Facebook and Instagram ads that actually attract those trophy patients.

So you can focus on just treating your patients.

We can implement a plan for you, with minimal time on your end, that attract patients such as those that bring you joy, more revenue, or simply just patients that light up your day!

How Facebook & Instagram Ads Can Help Your Clinic

  • Reach your ideal patients for as little as $10/day

  • Generate new patients easily and fast!

  • Become the top-of-mind clinic in your community for only $15/day

  • Build an email list for your clinic

  • Get a stack more website visitors

  • Attract trophy patients using targeted campaigns

Working with clients including General Practice, Medical Specialists, Dental, Podiatry, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, OT and Speech Pathologist.

Looking for a reliable Digital Marketer that knows the Healthcare Industry?

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Choose Your Facebook & Instagram Ads Package

No lock in contracts

Month to Month or Hourly Pricing Available


Small or Start up clinics


Basic Facebook Ad Campaign

Traffic, Lead Generation or Brand awareness Campaigns

Basic retargeting

3-5 ad variations

Basic split testing

Monthly report

1 x 30 min 1:1 Monthly Call

$500/mth minimum ad spend

Set up cost included $547

Testing phase


Most Popular


Comprehensive Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaigns

Traffic, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness & Conversion Ads

Comprehensive Retargeting stack

5-10 Ad variations

Comprehensive split testing

2 x 30min 1:1 Monthly Call

Set up cost included $547

Testing phase included (1 week)

Funnel integration

Ad creative included

Detailed reporting

Advanced ad strategies used

$1000/mth minimum ad spend


Large Clinics


Facebook Ads + Funnel Integration

Advanced Facebook Ad strategies used

Complete retargeting stack

Unlimited Ad Variations

Unlimited split testing

1 week testing phase with result reporting

Set up cost included $547

Complete funnel integration

CRM Integration

Unlimited ad creatives

Detailed reporting

All ad strategies used

Advanced event and tagging set up

$1500/mth minimum ad spend

Facebook Pixel API Installation

4 x 45 min monthly calls

Facebook Ads Consulting

On-call basis for any Facebook + Instagram Advertising


GP Medical Centres | Dental + Allied Health

Facebook + Instagram Ads

Become the go-to clinic

Brand Awareness

Generation of new patients

Let's get social

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